Design Thinking for Business, Technology & Customer Experience
The Accelerator works with organizations and individuals to accelerate their ability to design great solutions and effect change in the world. We specialize web-based product strategy, front-end architecture and production processes, Susanne Goldstein (aka The Accelerator) brings over two decades of software design and production experience to help companies create velocity around great ideas and accelerate the creation of sustainable, meaningful solutions.

Little Feet Fill Big Shoes
From startups to established companies, Susanne works on designing and developing programs and strategies to help clients solve some of their most pressing issues. From complex multi-stakeholder engagements to early-stage start ups, Susanne has accelerated success for clients including Fortune 500 companies, top-ranked universities, military establishments and social enterprises.

Website Development is a Team Sport
Creating web-based applications is a team sport. Susanne is a visionary team captain who can rally and motivate the troops to decide, design and work in-sync to create lasting product solutions. With deep expertise in product management, strategic planning and user experience/interface design, Susanne can augment your current team or recommend a team of experts to help accomplish any task

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